Tourism promotion

In the face of an increasingly competitive tourist market, tourism promotion can not be left to chance. In order to respond effectively and efficiently to the demand of the modern tourist, it is necessary to resort to specific technical and professional skills in marketing and the tourist market.

After years of experience in hotels, airlines and tour operators on a global scale, JLK® INTERNATIONAL staff is able to support and coordinate the work of the bodies involved in the process of tourism promotion and communication: institutions, specialized technical offices, associations and private.

We start from a careful study of the resources present in the territory and therefore optimize their use through the development of plans and customized strategies to be shared with the operators involved in the process. The aim is to improve the "identity" of the tourist destination already known, but also to create new tourist destinations of global interest.

The work of JLK® INTERNATIONAL does not stop at this. Through its intense sales network, the activity of promotion and sale of destinations on international markets is developed. Participation in events and tourism fairs on behalf of public and private bodies, organization of "destination days" in the reference markets to raise awareness of the territory and services offered, management of specific promotional activities, and much more.