About us

JLK® INTERNATIONAL is a company established in Latvia on the initiative of its Italian founders. It reflects the style and passion typical of "Made in Italy", although inspired by the work method and highest efficiency of northern Europe.

Latvia has been chosen because it is a strategic hub, in the middle of a very important area of ​​business and production activities: an area that is in full development, the heart of an ever-growing economy. Here, the opportunities are wide and varied, making it favoured by a large number of companies and multinationals.

JLK® INTERNATIONAL is the result of the consolidated experience on international markets by its founders and avails itself of a network of collaborators in different geographic areas.

Thanks to its capillary organisation, JLK® INTERNATIONAL is able to study and develop a profitable business on behalf of companies who want to open up to new markets.

Every company can find its own space in markets that are considered more suitable by the tailor-made work of JLK® INTERNATIONAL.


"We have an international perspective of the business: without borders."
Owner & CEO, Katja Puretti

Owner & CEO, Katja Puretti